Dimidium B.V.

The address for the purchase or sale of rare and exclusive items.


Dimidium B.V. market and sell luxury, rare and exclusive items. All over the world we are searching for that item with which we can make someone happy. From cars to paintings, watches to private jets.

Our extensive network of collectors, galleries and individuals are always looking for items that can not or almost are no longer available. Rarity is what we are about. Our offer has been extended and tailored to lyfestyle and class. Do you feel compelled to sell your property? Or would you like to make someone else happy with your item? Please please contact us.

It may be that we can please you with that one piece that you miss in your collection. If we do not have it in our collection, we will find it for you.

We also mediate between seller and buyer to give your exclusive object a new owner. Commitment, privacy and good service is our top priority. Take a look at "Profit Sharing", you may know someone that needs our luxury.

Privacy is of course guaranteed.

Dimidium BV


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About us

The company

Dimidium BV is a professional intermediary in (very) exclusive and luxury products. Our (wealthy) customers often have everything already, but are often still looking for just that one rare object. This can be a painting, but also an exclusive watch or even a limited edition pen. Dimidium BV can help these customers with their quest to expand their collection.


We always strive for the best deal

Dimidium B.V. is on track to Dutch largest intermediary of exclusive objects in the world.
If you are looking for something really special, we find this for you.


Why enable Dimidium?

Because most of our customers simply have little or no time.



Whether a yacht, a Ferrari or an exclusive watch, we will start at your request the negotiation.
For example; suppose you are looking for a yacht of 5 million euros, this could be through our network in some cases can care just tens of thousands of euros. If you wish to use this service, we like to make an appointment at your location. We discuss with you the details and then contact the seller to take the negotiation. Through our experience and many contacts with various brands, we can achieve a high extra discount for our customers when purchasing a yacht, sports car or exclusive watch. Our Commission for this special service is 20% of the agreed discount. (This does not include tickets and stay.). For example; you want to buy a yacht from €5.000.000 and after our negotiation costs this yacht €4.800.000. Then we get €40,000 commission and for our customer this means a extra discount of €160.000.


Something with us?

Do you own an exclusive or (rare) particularly item and you want to sell this? Please contact us.
By our worldwide network we regularly find in one or two weeks a suitable buyer for your item(s).
Whether it’s an exclusive watch, your wine collection or a luxurious sports car / yacht.
For everything is a buyer and we will find him.

The objects

The objects on our website are just a small part of what we can offer you directly.


A portion of the profits from each item that we sell, goes to a charity.


Your personal data is safer with us than anywhere else in the world.
We will retain your private data in a safe and not on the internet.


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